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How did we hear about Charlotte again?

Oh yes, it was three years ago, when one of our colleagues had the lovely idea of gifting us one of her gorgeous bags (a sun print on beige linen).

She told us all about this exceptional creative talent who had taken the plunge, starting up a solo venture screenprinting fabrics. Charlotte set up shop at the Atelier des Savoir-faire craft centre in Ravilloles, in the French Jura. Really? We didn’t realise that a place like that could be home to little gems like Charlotte and it would seem she’s not alone...


We’d better start at the beginning: with her newly earned business degree (specialising in international development project management), Charlotte was sent on missions all over the world, and mainly to Haiti and Madagascar.

In Haiti, she worked for organisations providing funding to small artisan businesses after the 2010 earthquake, also helping the raw silk industry there get back on its feet and carrying out sterling work – hats off to her!


In Mauritania, where she was working for a company specialising in solar energy, her creative impulses were awakened when she happened to visit a local screenprinting workshop. This was her eureka moment: suddenly, she knew what she wanted to do with her life!


Spending time with these craftspeople and witnessing how fulfilling their work was, she realised she simply had to follow that path.


It’s true that Charlotte has always been good with her hands and had a fondness for beautiful fabrics. 


So, she came back to live in the French Jura, and started up Kahobas.

Self-taught (quite an accomplishment, because screenprinting is not easy!) and passionate about what she does, Charlotte grew her business, creating screenprinted fabrics from her own designs inspired by her travels far and wide.

She produces designs in all sorts of shapes and sizes to meet demand from interior designers and private clients.

For some, she creates bespoke fabrics.

And because there’s nothing wrong in encouraging a little creativity in her clients, Charlotte also sells Do It Yourself  kits and runs sewing and dressmaking workshops.


From time to time, on her website, you’ll find accessories made by her skilled hands – but not often, she says. Charlotte prefers to focus on where she can provide real added value: designing and making her own high-quality bespoke fabrics, made in France.

It goes without saying that her choices are dictated by strong ethical and moral principles: the ink she uses is water-based and her fabrics are Normandy linen and certified, organic cotton (GOTS).

And when it comes to the finer details, although Charlotte is unapologetic about her penchant for warm colours, she makes sure she offers a wide range of options so that everyone will find their heart’s desire.


You may be wondering how it all actually works...

In general terms, screenprinting is about working with stencils, but Charlotte explains it better than we ever could, here:


“What motivates me is the ability to indulge my creative impulses. I have loads of ideas; creating and inventing are what make me happy.”

When we ask her to describe herself in one word, she modestly replies: “Pro-active.”

Pro-active hits the nail on the head – that’s exactly what she is! She’s certainly the kind of person to take the bull by the horns...

To that we’d add imaginative, brave, friendly and go-getting.


Charlotte likes to think that “every little project and new idea is an adventure. And I don’t need to grab my rucksack and set off for the back of beyond to experience it! ”


In short, if you’re after unique, responsibly sourced fabrics created with love... this is where you’ll find them!