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Fashion doesn't repeat itself but constantly reinvents itself to better respond to the desires of the moment.


With a keen eye, Aurélia creates her collections by identifying upcoming fashion trends.

Will the floral vibe be all the rage this summer? JOOLY® prepares its Botanical model, giving pride of place to plant motifs. Is the big comeback of hoop earrings on the cards? We create a collection called Créoles (the French word for hoop earrings), replicating the features of this 90s accessory.

Anticipating trends in clothing and home decor, then reworking them into glasses... this innovative idea has come a long way and now offers an exciting and varied collection.

A concept where the watchword is subtle.

The fashion inspiration of each model is reflected in discreet features: a shape, a construction, a material, a playful reference, a design line, or exclusive patterns. Patterns yes, but subtly revealed through delicate laser engraving, or through shades in nuanced matching tones.

Because, if for JOOLY® fashion is important, delicacy is just as precious!