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Where can I buy your products? Do you sell your products online?

Choosing a pair of optical glasses is complex and requires both advice from a professional specialist and a fitting to ensure that the size and model chosen match your face and your needs. 

We therefore entrust the sale of our models to our optician partners in France and approximately thirty countries around the world. 

To find your nearest opticians partnering our brand, click here! 

Our advice: if you like a model, you can also contact them before your visit to make sure they stock it. As our collection consists of many different models, it's very rare for an optician to have all our products in store. 

How much do your glasses cost?

You'll find this information at your optician's.

Depending on the level of service they offer, prices may vary slightly from one store to another. 

I have an after-sales issue...

We're sorry to hear that! 

As lovers of eyewear design, we take extreme care when it comes to the quality of our products. But no one is immune to a production problem and it can still happen. 

If this is the case, please visit the optician who sold you the model. He or she will get in touch with our after-sales department and they'll come up with a solution together! 

I don't know which glasses to choose, can you help me? 

Our website offers many different filters (frame shape, colour, Trend, Casual or sunglasses, etc.) to help you find the right frame for you. Not sure which shape or colour is the best match for your face?  The best solution is to go to your optician for a fitting. Pssst, our beauty secret: the best model will be the one you feel best in! 

Where are you based?

In Morbier, in the French Jura mountains. 

There are lots of excellent cheeses here ;) But it's also the birthplace of the French eyewear industry. Here, creativity and know-how come together to bring you original designs and high-quality frames. 

How do I contact you? 

You can send us your questions by completing this form. We'll get back to you promptly; allow around 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) for us to see your message, find the best answer to your question, and send you a response! 

You can also send us a private message via social media: 



Our awesome Community Manager will be happy to answer you! 

What's my wishlist? 

When visiting our website, if you like a frame you can save it by clicking on the heart next to the model. You can then find all your favourites in your wishlist by clicking on the same heart at the top of the website (next to the magnifying glass).

I love your blog and would like you to give you an idea for a topic. 

With pleasure! We're all ears ;)

Our blog is a space for sharing: places we've loved, designers or women who inspire us, and fashion or home decor items we've spotted. If you want to get involved, please send us a private message on Facebook or Instagram (@joolylunettes) or use our online form