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Hair net caps and overshoes were the order of the day when we had the pleasure of visiting Elodie’s lab.

Yes, because soap making is no joke! We learnt that it requires the strictest hygiene, preparation and storage rules. Makes sense when you think about it...


"I'd have reactions to the products I used to buy; so I wanted to find cleaner alternatives for my family and friends and for myself". With her love of nature, Elodie didn't waste any time and immediately embarked on the great adventure of soap making!


A former biologist in a research laboratory, she took a different road two years ago to become… an artistic scientist! A subtle blend of science and artistry is how she defines her new profession: conducting the craft of soap making with a meticulous eye for detail, and finding new formulas, new perfumes and new shapes to produce body and household soaps that are kind to the most fragile skin.


The products are made from local, organic and healthy ingredients (first pressing vegetable oils for example). In terms of packaging, zero waste is the aim with solid soaps to avoid plastic bottles. And to transport them, pretty handmade pouches have been created by Atelier de Flagey.


The artisan manufacturing process is based on "cold saponification" (maybe you've just learnt a new word? So have we! ). Elodie explains all this on her website:


And why "Selkia" by the way? The name illustrates her love of Celtic culture. And her grape vine logo pays homage to the landscapes of Burgundy.


But Elodie has another secret and more than one string to her bow: passionate about drawing since early childhood (she tells us she spent hours drawing little characters), she now exhibits her art in artisan  markets.

Check out her stunningly lifelike and brightly coloured landscapes and animals (


A wonderful encounter, full of scents and colours – thank you Elodie!