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Whether it's makeup, fashion or even home decor, nude is on the up and up.

Jooly is well aware of this and has produced a box set known as"En mode nude": it consists of 4 flagship models from its collection (SILK 1, 3, 4 and 5), designed in an elegant graduated natural palette.

Slim shapes and pure colors create a delightfully delicate design.

Powder colours are applied over a rose gold base : “Dragée” nude (sugar coated), “Pétale” nude (rose leaf), “Pêche” nude (peach) or “Terracotta” nude. These shades have been specially created by hand and are exclusively dedicated to this box set!

Feminine, natural and fresh of course! But also potentially discreet… depending on how you decide to wear them!

You can either go for a similar shade to your skin tone to create a radiant, simple look; or you can opt for obvious contrast by choosing a more distant shade.

And lastly, fine detailing that wearers will appreciate: the pastel color of the model is matched by the endtips and leopard pattern inside each frame.

Our hot tip: go for the complete box set, so you can provide an even better showcase for these models in your window displays or in-store!