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Are you familiar with mother-of-pearl? Created through a natural phenomenon, this iridescent material is generously offered to us by various shells, and sometimes even appears as pearls, its most coveted version.

But you don't have to get your diving gear on to find it ;)

Big fashion houses and high-end designers have happily embraced it, while adding their own modern twist.

This delicate and velvet-smooth material is used to decorate brooches, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other accessories; we're a long way from the classical looks of a pearl necklace, as it can now be found in jewellery that's trendy and romantic or more rock'n'roll!

The design of the frame is deliberately understated to let the ultra-smooth mother-of-pearl do the talking!

Light, slim, delicate and feminine are its defining characteristics and these features are the inspiration behind our latest creation:

PEARL is a range of rimmed metal frames in palladium, bronze, gold and rose gold.

The temples and monoblock fronts are beautifully refined, while the technical details are ingeniously hidden.

In homage to this material and its textures, shades and purity, the slim browbar features pearl or marbled acetates. Here they create stunning light-catching and iridescent reflections.

This is a widely varied collection with a number of different structures. Frames come in soft natural and lustrous pastel colours, and in some cases feature gentle two-tone combinations (pink-green, beige-gold, etc.).

With matching endtips, of course!

With its 4 shapes and colour variations, PEARL makes a delicate and modern addition to the Trend range by JOOLY®.